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At Changes Counseling, we firmly uphold the belief that mental well-being is paramount in attaining serenity and liberation in one’s life. Our esteemed team of dedicated professionals is committed to delivering tailored care and unwavering support, enabling you to embrace the tranquility and freedom you rightfully deserve. With our holistic approach, we strive to empower individuals on their journey towards optimal mental health, fostering lasting transformation and enriching lives.

Couples Therapy

Discover a safe haven at Changes Counseling, where we understand the complexities of relationships. Our expert couples therapy offers a nurturing space for partners to foster open communication, rebuild trust, and equip themselves with invaluable tools to enhance their connection.

Family Therapy

At Changes Counseling, we foster an environment of support through our family therapy services. Our skilled therapists utilize evidence-based approaches to guide families in resolving conflicts, overcoming challenges, and improving communication. Together, we'll build stronger bonds and create a happier, healthier home life.

Individual Therapy

Embrace the strength within you as you embark on your therapy journey at Changes Counseling. Our individual therapy services provide a supportive, non-judgmental space where you can explore emotions, develop effective coping strategies, and unlock personal growth and fulfillment. Let us be your partners in achieving a more fulfilling life.

My Story

With nearly eight years of valuable professional experience at Prairie Ridge, I have had the privilege of delivering exceptional mental health services in various capacities, including as a dedicated member of the inpatient unit and an accomplished outpatient counselor. My expertise flourished during my five-year tenure at Anastasi Counseling Services, where I had the privilege of collaborating with esteemed professionals like Jim and Kathy, honing my skills in the realm of mental health.

Let Us Guide You Through Life's Ups and Downs with Changes Counseling

At Changes Counseling, our team of experts possesses an extensive repertoire of knowledge and specialized skills in effectively addressing an array of mental health conditions. From anxiety and depression to trauma and relationship issues, our professionals are equipped with the expertise necessary to guide clients toward leading more fulfilling and purposeful lives. We understand the paramount importance of confidentiality in our therapeutic services at Changes Counseling.

“Mental health…is not a destination, but a process. It’s about how you drive, not where you’re going.” — Noam Shpancer.”


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Our Services

Changes Counseling: Where Positive Changes Happen

Welcome to Changes Counseling, where we specialize in empowering individuals to liberate themselves from the burdens of mental struggles. Our esteemed establishment boasts a professional and personalized approach strategically designed to assist you in discovering clarity, cultivating resilience, and fostering positive transformation. Embark on your journey towards healing today, taking that pivotal first step with us.

Individual Therapy

At Changes Counseling, our individual therapy sessions provide clients a safe and supportive space to explore and address their unique challenges. Our experienced therapists utilize evidence-based approaches to help clients achieve their personal goals and improve their well-being.

Substance Abuse

Substance abuse can be difficult and complex, but at Changes Counseling, our addiction specialists are dedicated to helping clients achieve lasting recovery. Our comprehensive approach includes individualized treatment plans, ongoing support, and a focus on healing the underlying causes of addiction.

Couples & Family

At Changes Counseling, we understand relationships' vital role in our lives. Our couples and family therapy services provide clients with a collaborative and empathetic environment to improve communication, resolve conflicts, and build stronger, healthier relationships. Our therapists are trained to work..

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Empowering Your Mind, Nurturing Your Soul

We believe in empowering your mind and nurturing your soul. Our mental health services provide a safe and supportive space for your healing journey. Let’s work together to create positive changes in your life.

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Our Mission

Your Journey to Mental Wellness Starts Here: Choose Changes Counseling Today

Welcome to Changes Counseling, where your journey to mental wellness begins. Our team of compassionate therapists is dedicated to providing you with the support and tools you need to achieve your mental health goals. Whether you’re struggling with anxiety, depression, or other challenges, we’re here to help. Choose Changes Counseling today and take the first step towards a brighter tomorrow.

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Because All Problems Have Solutions

We believe that all problems have solutions. Our mental health experts provide professional and engaging support to help you overcome any challenge. Let us guide you toward positive change.

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Thank you for considering Changes Counseling for your mental health needs. Please call our office or use our online booking system to schedule an appointment. We look forward to supporting you.


At Changes Counseling, we understand that taking the first step toward therapy can be daunting. That's why we offer free consultations with our licensed therapists to help you determine the best treatment for your needs.

Therapy / Counseling

Our licensed therapists are committed to providing compassionate and effective therapy services to individuals, couples, and families. We offer a range of evidence-based therapies tailored to meet your unique needs.

Final Result

At Changes Counseling, we aim to help you achieve your desired outcome. Whether it's managing symptoms, improving relationships, or increasing resilience, we work collaboratively with you to achieve meaningful and lasting results.


Make An Appointment

We prioritize your mental health and well-being. Schedule an appointment with our experienced therapists today to take the first step toward positive change and growth. Let’s work together.

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Monday - Saturday ( 09.00 - 21.00 ) Sunday (Closed)

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We accept various health insurance plans, including Wellmark Blue Cross Blue Shield, Aetna, Medicaid, Iowa Total Care, Optum, UnitedHealthcare, Medica, HealthPartners, Cigna, Midlands Choice, and UMR. As a result, we are in-network with most insurance providers in the area. It’s important to note that we don’t accept Medicare, but we encourage you to contact your insurance company to confirm coverage for mental health services. Your deductible and insurance plan will determine your range, and co-pays are due at the time of service. Additionally, we accept HSA payments and work with most EAP companies. Our practice is also a Care in the Community provider for Veterans. Please note that my credentials, including LMFT, CADC, MAC, and SAP, are available on our website.

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Welcome to Changes Counseling’s Blog & Articles section, where we provide insightful and informative content on mental health. Explore our latest updates and expert advice on how to improve your well-being. Stay informed and inspired with us.

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